FORMNOUVO’s unsurpassed quality

State-of-the-art equipment and 3D modeling design meets time-honoured craftsmanship at FORMNOUVO. Our decades of experience working with every type of metal, combined with our knowledge of innovative processes ensure that your architectural products, from the smallest custom hardware through to large metal monuments are in skilled hands.

Whether your project is as complicated as an artist’s sculpture or as simple as railings and panels, we have the knowledge and ability to mold and sculpt each product into a memorable piece.

At FORMNOUVO we primarily fabricate in stainless steel, aluminum and bronze, though we also readily work with steel, glass, acrylics, wood and stone. We understand and work with every process available for the different materials, in order to be certain of the finest quality end product.

We insist on the best treatment for our customers and want you to be pleased with every aspect of our work together. Due to our extensive knowledge, we are able to provide you with comprehensive quotes or budget estimates before work begins and we also offer value engineering, to ensure that your end results fall within your budget.

FORMNOUVO’s master craftsmen are continuously called upon to produce a great range of interior and exterior products such as: railings, canopy entrances, signage, exhibits, column covers, panels, reception and security desks, along with other metal products too many to mention. Custom finishes and restoration projects are another specialty.

Our product line really is endless, thanks to the skilled craftsmen and experienced staff at FORMNOUVO. Bring us your imagination . . . we’ll do the rest.

FORMNOUVO’s uncompromising service

FORMNOUVO takes service and delivery dates seriously. Our contractors and clients can depend on delivery dates being met as agreed upon.

From the time a job is awarded, our experienced team of professionals will be there every step of the way, coordinating with sub-trades, inspecting quality, planning transportation and installation to be certain that your product is of the highest standard, delivered and installed on time.

FORMNOUVO’s modern facility uses state-of-the-art processes and CNC equipment. Our commitment to quality control ensures that every piece, whether a single item or shipment of thousands, are thoroughly inspected and carefully custom crated to be safely transported to your site.

Our high standard of quality carries through to the field where all of our installations are carefully planned and coordinated before being executed. Our highly skilled installation crews professionally install all of FORMNOUVO’s products – from a swing stage to a zoom boom – we are able to access any situation that is required.

From start to finish, you can count on FORMNOUVO to bring you our best.

FORMNOUVO’s materials, manufacturing processes and finishes

FORMNOUVO has extensive experience with many materials, finishes and manufacturing processes to help bring your vision to life.

Materials include: Stainless Steel, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Domestic and Exotic Woods, Veneers and Laminates, Acrylics and Polycarbonates, Tempered and Laminated Glass, Etched and Sandblasted Glass

Using Manufacturing Processes such as: Shearing, Rolling, Welding, Water Jet Cutting, Punching, Casting, Brake Forming, Bending, Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Spinning

Available Finished: Polished, Anodized, Perforated, Acid Etched, Galvanized, Brushed, Patina Antiquing, Tempered, Sandblasted, Painted and other Custom Finishes

FORMNOUVO’s Reception and Security Desks

When you want to create an exciting first impression, talk to FORMNOUVO. We can design and build a complete reception area for you, or work from your architectural drawings.

FORMNOUVO can supply all granite, glass, woodwork and metal work, as our venerable craftsmen have extensive knowledge in stone, glass, plastic laminates, wood and metal. We will ensure that all the exotic materials fit well and come together to create a magnificent centrepiece.

We offer you piece of mind by coordinating with your security and communications suppliers to make certain that all components work well ergonomically. This alleviates the complications of several different suppliers trying to adjust their products to fit each other’s.

We can supply directories upon request and will work with you to be certain that your reception area conveys the powerful impression you desire.